Your home is your sanctuary—a place where you can relax, spend time with your family, and recharge for your future endeavours. However, you’re not going to breathe easy in your everyday life if you’re not breathing easy in your home.

Poor indoor air quality affects millions of homes across the country—and it can lead to a bevy of unexpected expenses, health problems, and frustration. To improve the indoor air quality of your home, it’s important to understand the causes of poor indoor air quality, the effects it has on you home and your health, and the steps you can take to conquer indoor air quality problems not and in the future.

As your top-rated Chicago HVAC team, Aircor understands the importance of having clean air in your home. We offer a wide variety of services, including HVAC repair, HVAC maintenance, and HVAC inspection, as well as air duct cleaning services that will ensure your HVAC system is aiding in your pursuit of cleaner air.

This guide is designed to help Chicago residents understand how why indoor air quality becomes unsafe, and to point out quick and easy solutions for dealing with air quality issues before they turn into serious, hazardous problem. Let’s take a look.